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Cambridge Financial Partners LLP

Great expectations?  -  Enlightened financial support to achieve your goals.

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Cambridge Financial Partners provide strategic outsourcing for your financial management. We give you a real alternative to building and running an in-house finance team. Cambridge Financial Partners are experienced accountancy professionals who slice through the traditional way a finance team is put together. You get the most effective, strategic team and board-level expertise at a fraction of the cost.


We are passionate about delivering exceptional results so whether it’s acting as your Finance Director, handling your day-to-day accounting transactions or preparing your business for investment, choosing Cambridge Financial Partners as your partner makes business and economic sense.

  • Address the needs and challenges for AIM/Plus companies
  • Take you through the steps to seek and gain investment
  • Board level support for businesses
  • Take the pain out of management and compliance reporting
  • Strategic support for ad-hoc projects

Cost - Risk - Effort

Every member of the Cambridge Financial Partners team has extensive commercial experience. It’s been gained over many years at “the coal face” so we know how to move your business forward faster and avoid the pitfalls that can entrap dynamic growing businesses. Using our services accelerates your business growth, increases your financial flexibility and provides you with top-class support for less than building in-house teams and carrying out the functions within the business.


Cambridge Finanical Partners tailors its services to meet your individual requirements. Read more about our experience and find out what we could do for your business.