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Cambridge Financial Partners LLP

Client Experience

Cambridge Financial Partners has considerable experience in enlightening financal management for companies with differing requirements and in many sectors:

Address the needs and challenges for AIM/Plus companies

Cambridge Financial Partners has considerable experience working with AIM/Plus companies. It provided full CFO services to a biotechnology company, seeing it through three rounds of successful fund raising in a year and ultimately admission on to Plus Markets. The service included acting as primary contact to Corporate Advisors, Brokers, Registrars and officials and producing IFRS-compliant accounts, as well as establishing its US subsidiary. Cambridge Financial Partners also supported an AIM-listed company to provide a comprehensive review of its financial processes, introducing new controls, compliance and resulting in a successful reverse takeover. We continue to work with several AIM/Plus companies, who benefit from our team-based expertise and knowledge of these markets enabling their businesses to grow and succeed.


Take you through the steps to seek and gain investment

Cambridge Financial Partners has helped many companies navigate through the process of raising investment. These have included assisting an MBO team to complete an acquisition from its American parent, fundraising, acquisitions and sales; completing VC-backed fundraising, sales of business post strategic-review and general investment support. The team from Cambridge Financial Partners has worked with manybusinesses as they prepare for investment, liaise with advisors, present of the business opportunity and act as main contact with all stakeholders through the process. Post the completion of an investment round, or other form of financing, team members have frequently been retained as NXDs to continue to offer strategic support to the business.


Board level support for businesses

Cambridge Financial Partners has provided strategic reviews, executive level mentoring, business planning and restructuring for private sector businesses and public sector agencies. Examples include a UK-based transport company, an international life sciences business, security companies, telematics early stage spin-outs and many more. Engaging with Cambridge Financial Partners has given these businesses access to the expertise and insight that enables key decisions to be made and executed.


Take the pain out of management and compliance reporting

Cambridge Financial Partners has provided IFRS-compliant reports as well as standard and bespoke management financials to companies in the technology, ecommerce, envirotech, retail, manufacturing and the energy sectors. This service has proved invaluable to businesses who do not have the in-house capabilities to keep abreast of changing compliance regulations, saving them time, money and providing peace-of-mind.

Strategic support for ad-hoc projects

Companies have sometimes called on Cambridge Financial Partners to provide a short-term, ad-hoc solution to a particular problem. This has included acting as a CFO for an AIM company undergoing considerable change; providing a finance team for a communications business undergoing rapid growth; working with an ecommerce company to provide its annual reports. In all cases Cambridge Financial Partners not only provides a high-level solution, it provides added value to businesses as we always take the bigger picture into account even on ad-hoc projects.

Our experience includes these industry sectors and organisations:

  • Agriculture and Food Production
  • Biopharmaceutical & Life Sciences
  • Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
  • Energy saving and monitoring technology
  • Financial Services
  • FMCG
    • Designer Consumer Goods
    • Fresh Chilled Food Industry
  • Franchise Operations
  • Frozen Food Industry
  • Fund Management – Merchant Bank
  • Hotel and Travel Industry
  • Importation of Healthcare Products
  • Internet portal services
  • Lighting and energy saving
  • Marketing consultancy to Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Marketing for national retail outlets
  • Motor Dealership
  • Motor Industry Component Manufacture
  • Online retail
  • Plastics Manufacture
  • Public Sector e-commerce projects
  • Public Transport
  • Publishing
  • Security Solutions
  • Sports car Manufacture and Distribution
  • Telematics
  • University Funding